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What Caused the NSFW Tweet from US Airways

April 16, 2014 |

Goof ups by brands on social media aren’t new. But what happened yesterday with US Airways is the worst nightmare a brand could face on social media. The airline is now occupied with damage control after inadvertently publishing a pornographic tweet in response to a frustrated customer query. read more Read More

Social Advocacy & Politics: The Counter-Revolution Will Not Be ZunZuneo’d

April 16, 2014 |

One of the goals of the social network ZunZuneo was to learn who among the people of Cuba were receptive to dissident messages and counter-revolution opportunities by monitoring what they were posting. We can easily do the same thing by analyzing social media content around the world. read more Read More

The Commute: SaMo Upgrading Big Blue Bus Stops With Fancy New Shelters

April 16, 2014 |

It was nearly four and a half years ago that the Santa Monica City Council gave the greenlight to the Bus Stop Improvement Project , which included fancy new shelters for Big Blue Bus stops , but work has finally just begun on building the shelters. LOHA Architects designed the structures, which feature shading that takes into account the movement of the sun and seats that can swivel away from blinding light. The stops will be made of recycled and reclaimed materials and employ high-efficiency LED lights, rainwater capture, and solar power—the most heavily-used stops will include real-time bus arrival information . Bus stops began closing to make way for the new shelters on March 31 along Lincoln Boulevard and Main Street in SaMo and last Friday along Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards; signage indicates alternative locations for boarding. More than 300 bus stops are being upgraded and work should wrap in two years. · Bus Stop Improvement Project [Big Blue Bus] · LOHA Big Blue Bus Stops On Their Way to Santa Monica Curbs [Curbed LA] Read More

Celebrity Real Estate: Tennis pro Venus Williams has…

April 16, 2014 |

Tennis pro Venus Williams has sold her mid-century post and beam house in the Hollywood Hills to Inception star Ellen Page. Page paid $1.7 million, making it a loss for Williams , who paid $1.9 million back in 2005. The three-bedroom house has great hillside views, a pool, and an ugly chandelier. [Real Estalker] Read More

Local Landmarks: Hawthorne Spent $24k on a Tacky Monument to a Corporation

April 16, 2014 |

[Left via Daily Breeze; right via Alex Vargas ] And now a dispatch from our dystopian future, where governments pay garish public fealty to the private corporations run by enigmatic billionaires that make their rockets. Yesterday, the city of Hawthorne unveiled a seriously cheesy monument to SpaceX , which the Daily Breeze forebodingly describes as the city’s “most celebrated corporate citizen.” The two-ton, 37-foot-tall replica of a Falcon Heavy rocket will be backlit at night “by 27 red LED lights emulating thrusters ” and frontlit with a green glow. It cost the city $24,000 . (The attached sign noting that Hawthorne is the “Cradle of Aerospace” only cost $13,500.) Sure, this is a very pathetic thing for a city to do, but Hawthorne would still be reeling from Northrop Grumman’s departure (it once employed 30,000 people there) if not for the great generosity of SpaceX, led by Paypal/Tesla founder Elon Musk, which so benevolently employs about 3,500 people in exchange for only tax breaks and massive government contracts. Mayor Chris Brown is so grateful that he apparently sees nothing creepy in declaring that SpaceX is “not just a tenant, they are a partner in the city of Hawthorne.” · Hawthorne unveils 37-foot-tall Space X rocket monument [Daily Breeze] Read More

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