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Cheers! Kelsey Grammer Buys In Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)

Cheers! Kelsey Grammer Buys In Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)

It appears that prolific thespian, husband, and real estate purchaser Kelsey Grammer has added yet another property to his portfolio. According to a report from The Real Estalker , Grammer recently closed on this swank Mediterranean palazzo in Beverly Hills, CA . The 6,093 square foot home was designed in 1926 by Ralph Flewelling, and was reportedly purchased by Grammer for a tidy $6.5 million. The 6-bed, 7-bath residence features all the typical details one would expect from a Mediterranean villa: terra cotta tiled floors, white-washed stucco walls, dark exposed wood beams. The light-filled atrium of the house opens into cozy living areas and a formal dining room. In the kitchen, an attractive chevron-pattern backsplash sets off the otherwise white space with its bright teal stripes, while top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances provide the practical brawn.

Cheers! Kelsey Grammer Buys In Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)

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